Erick Engelke


Welcome to my website.  Over the years I developed numerous commercial, free and internal applications for several companies.


Much of this site is dedicated to web development (HTML5/JavaScript) using Elevate Web Builder (hereafter referred to as EWB) and/or PHP which were topics of several of the ten books I ve published, many of those books are available at Amazon for the curious.


If you purchased my EWB programming book, the errata for version 3.x of EWB is available.


I currently recommend my Nice Toolkit for those who develop with EWB.  It contains many extensions to the EWB product which will light up your Web applications with powerful editors, grids, and many other features I use in my own apps.  The link demonstrates most of the features.  It comes with a lifetime license and free upgrades, all for $80 US.  It also includes a PHP toolkit to allow you to write Unix/Windows server backends for EWB applications.  I will consider suggestions for other components.


There are some samples available for EWB, showing you can do clever things with AI.

      Face recognition (source)

      Skin Detection (source)


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