Elevate Web Builder

EWB is a Pascal-based IDE/developer environment for writing Web, mobile and embedded applications in HTML5/Javascript.

I maintain a blog about the EWB software. There you will find many tricks and hints how to improve your EWB applications.

A few years ago I wrote several books about this software product. There is an errata sheet availble which updates the information for EWB 3.x (Elevate Web Builder Book Erratta)

I currently recommend my Nice Toolkit for those who develop with EWB. It contains many extensions to the EWB product which will light up your Web applications with powerful editors, grids, and many other features I use in my own apps. The link demonstrates most of the features. It comes with a lifetime license and free upgrades, all for $80 US. It also includes a PHP toolkit to allow you to write Unix/Windows server backends for EWB applications. I will consider suggestions for other components.


I’m an avid musician, playing electric/acoustic guitar, keyboards, accordion, saxophone, and a variety of other instruments.


I always have some woodworking project on the go. Many are my own designs, or inspired by other’s wood or art projects.