Order the WATTCP Programmer's Reference today!


    WATTCP is a free and easy way to add TCP/IP connectivity to your D O S applications, for both interactive uses and embedded systems.

    There are two free WATTCP distributions, one for real mode , and a second which emphasizes 32 bit protected mode. Both are GPL software.

    The WATTCP Programmer's Reference is applicable to both distributions. Purchasing the documentation is an excellent way to speed your project development

    You may also want to consider Erick's free eRTOS environment which uses WATTCP and adds multithreading and many network servers like FTP, Web and SNMP, perfect for embedded systems. Check it out at eRTOS home

Real Mode

    This is likely the toolkit you need if you are compiling with Borland C.


    Important addition to the manual, the debugging feature of WATTCP is explained here.

32-Bit Protected Mode

    This is the package if you are generating protected mode applications with Gnu C, Metaware High C or Watcom.

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