Many programers use command line tools, such as GREP, to speed their workflow.

GREP stands for Global Regular Expression Print. It takes some parameters and can search files for patterns.

Delphi and several other packages come with a GREP tool, one may already be in your computer’s path, but EWB and some other applications work with 16 bit mulit-language files whereas GREP is usually designed for 7 or 8 bit ASCII files.

NiceGrep is a quick and dirty implementation I needed because I needed to find some variables within EWB project files. It was literally faster to write a utility than search by hand.

How you use it

NiceGrep takes a few common -options, namely - -i for ignore case (case insensitive) - -c for count and don’t display output - -l to just show filenames

You can search for all TPaint references in all WBS files, ignoring case, with:

nicegrep -i TPaint *.wbs

If you wanted to see just the liens that end with TPaint; the $ symbol means end of line is the next character.

nicegrep -i TPaint;$ *.wbs