Part of my attraction to EWB is that is is based on concepts established in the Delphi family of products - a tool which has more than 30 years of continious delivery of Windows, and now MacOS, Android, iPhone/iPad and Linux GUI and non-GUI applications. That’s longevity.

It is also related to the open source FreePascal and related projects which give an open source alternative for an even wider variety of operating systems. A nod to them.

Delphi/FreePascal+Lazarus was often considered Visual Basic on steroids because it also used a low-code visual model and tool to describe the GUI component placement and options, but it used a real powerful language (object pascal), which has most of the benefits of C and C while maintaining the clean look of C and lacking the complicated mess that C has become.

Low-code is industry-speak for the ability to save the programmer thousands of lines of code by using libraries and various features. This significantly reduces the time to write the apps, makes it more supportable, and allows you to make more complex apps.

While Java was described as write once run everywhere'', and eventually became a nest licensing and security problems, object pascal is often said to be write one compile everywhere'', and you can produce native binaries for most operating systems as well as Javascript and WebAssmebly.

EWB compiles programs quickly into Javacsript which can run on any web browser (Windows/Mac/iOS/Android/Linux)

The system is mature and reliable.